IF you’ve ever thought to yourself, “That would make a great story”. Well…so have we.

Memorable storytelling is an art, steeped in tradition, woven through time, within various cultures, families and communities.  Heroes are made, emotions ebb and memories kept with each story – that of individuals, from family member to family member or even organizations and cultures that have traditions, tales of founders, inventors, game-changers, apex moments, or life-altering events.

DocYOURmentary is about capturing these stories and giving them life and legacy.  Together, Kai Jackson and Tim Williams have more than 40 years of experience chronicling news, researching, fact-finding, interviewing and harvesting some of the best stories around.  Now they want to tell yours.

  • Documentaries
  • Corporate videos
  • Video resumes
  • Church History
  • Organization and club events
  • Family video and video diaries
  • Foundation and charitable/non-profit videos
  • Screenplays
  • Scripted shows
  • Reality programs

DocYOURmentary is eager to start on your next video project. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with any of your needs. For more information, consultation, and order information please contact us today at 1.877.97.STORY (78679).

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  • What we do

    Personal videos
    Corporate videos
    Video resumes
    Company profiles
    Church History
    Scripted shows
    Reality programs
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    DocYOURmentary is eager to start on your next video project !
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